Sunday, March 10, 2024

Confidence Man Collaborate With DJ BORING To Create A Dreamy Summery Single

Everyone’s favourite Australian band, Confidence Man have collaborated with the exceptional DJ BORING to bring us ‘Forever 2 (Crush Mix)’ that sounds like its stepped out of a club in Ibiza in 2002. 

Confidence Man have been bouncing around the world in recent years following the huge global success of their second album ‘Tilt’ in 2022 and have since been collaborating with some of the best DJ’s around, including DJ Seinfeld on their catchy, effervescent single ‘Now U Do’. DJ BORING has been releasing tracks that dance dreams are made of since 2017 and his hit record ‘Winona’ has over 17 million listens on Spotify.

This record has a new sound from Confidence Man we haven’t totally seen before. The song has heavier vocals throughout making the vocals almost ballad like which certainly shows off Janet Planet’s incredible and versatile voice.

This electronic dance tune grows and flourishes throughout giving us a sense of exploration within the genre and the sound it is possible to create. The synth, keys and basslines through this track take you on a journey of pure club music happiness with everchanging rhythms and noises in the background and foreground.

The collaboration of dreams is here with ‘Forever 2 (Crush Mix)’ and it gives listeners a summery sound in their ears making you want to get the glowsticks back out. Confidence Man seem to be making unique tracks back-to-back and they just keep getting better with every new release.

Alice Mason

@alicemxson // @alicegoestogigs

Image: ‘Forever 2 (Crush Mix)’ Official Single Cover

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