Monday, February 12, 2024

Sam Feinstein Takes His Audience On An Atmospheric Adventure

The established Massachusetts-born artist Sam Feinstein has been experimenting with different sounds lately and his latest synth-loaded launch ‘Maslow’s Mountain’ comes after the success of his previous single ‘Hamster Wheel’. 

Feinstein’s new record offers a taste of the future, and his latest project is beginning to resonate with an ever-expanding audience He has worked across a variety of musical projects in recent years and released his solo debut album ‘Chasing The Bull’ in 2022.

The song begins with Feinstein’s unique husky voice and an impeccable tight-knit funky bass-driven groove that pushes the tune’s tempo from start to finish. The first chorus “It takes so much effort to survive / Hearts that yearn feel alive / Will they reach the top of Maslow's Mountain?” grasps the audience's attention and whisks them away to a world of hope, determination, and inspiration. The track eventually reaches its crescendo at the end with the rhetorical question “Will they reach Maslow’s Mountain?” before ending with a theatrical scream.

This latest piece is completely different from his previous projects and is unique with the successful combination of genres such as rock, funk, pop, and the ability to create a futuristic ambiance that is setting the tone for more experimental music.

‘Maslow’s Mountain’ will undoubtedly continue to capture a wide-ranging audience and after collaborating with musicians across the US, he is currently residing and recording his self-written music in San Jose, California.

Antony Bailey


 Image: 'Maslow's Mountain' Official Single Cover

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