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Walt Disco Let Us In On Life On The Road In New Single ‘Pearl’

Walt Disco, the punk rock sensation from Glasgow, have released their first single since 2022. Appropriately named ‘Pearl’, the song is a gem to be treasured throughout the ages. And like a pearl, the track is undeniably beautiful, though within it lies an irritant unlike any grain of sand as songwriter Jack Martin expresses his longing to escape from the strenuous life of a touring musician. 

The opening lines “We drove out to the Pearly Glades / The only place we can be sometimes” are a tribute to the desire to escape. With this, vocalist James Potter conveys the sense of seeking a sanctuary where some fleeting bliss can be savoured. Indeed, it’s quite clear there’s a need to escape, with tensions and uneasiness evident when Potter sings “Some things you know / But often find it better not to ask”.

‘Pearl’ is an exploration of isolation and the yearning for companionship. That’s why we repeatedly hear the words “I know I'm gonna end up / Living on my own down by the southside”. Describing the loneliness of life on the road, the vocalist talks about “Holding onto no one for the long rides”. It’s lyrics like these that reverberate throughout the listener’s entire emotional being, evoking powerful feelings.

When it comes to the musicality of the piece, one can conclude that it’s nothing short of epic. In the spirit of true alternative music, we have an interesting combination of instruments coming together here. From the cello to the clarinet, the bass and acoustic guitar, several musical elements make this song worth remembering. Despite this, the entire piece is beautifully birthed from the keyboard component of the melody.

‘Pearl’ is the kind of song you find yourself daydreaming to. It has an easy-going energy to it that almost makes one neglect the gloomy message behind it. The vocalist delivers these sentiments in such a smooth manner that you may not tell just how sad the lyrics sang are. One finds themselves nearly romanticising this plight of the travelling band. Walt Disco presents us with a single that is reflective, clearing the air of any disillusionment surrounding the life of musicians.

There’s no doubt that this release was worth the wait.

Vukile Ntsaba

Image: ‘Pearl’ Official Single Cover

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