Thursday, January 25, 2024

Indie meets alternative: Into Surf Release Their Self-Titled EP

The debut EP from Into Surf has hit the airwaves, showcasing a self-titled masterpiece that defies genre boundaries. With a seamless blend of musical styles, the album invites listeners on a transformative journey of introspection and revelation.

In the heart of London, reside two roommates, Matt Smith and Rob Parker. Collaborating from the comfort of their flat, they skillfully compose, record, and produce music that seamlessly fuses indie and alternative genres, evoking a wave of emotions and delivering irresistibly catchy tunes.

Capturing their musical journey and creative vision, their inaugural EP, 'Into Surf,' overflows with passion, offering a glimpse into the beginnings of their band and the depth of their artistic expression.

'Awake' is a heartfelt song delivered with a lively energy, crafting a canvas open to personal interpretation. It may convey themes of yearning for a past romance or a fading companionship, evident in the lines "Are you coming back? The days we had are washed away." Overall, it captures the essence of navigating the challenges of one's 20s, offering an optimistic melody that encourages perseverance and discovering brightness amid life's shadows.

'Feel' explores emotions in the midst of change, depicted by the lyrics "Maybe I don’t wanna let it go…I never want to feel it change." Starting with a jagged guitar and persistent drums, the track maintains a raw quality while incorporating a polished edge. It builds towards an intense soundscape of accelerating guitars and drums, infusing added harshness to encapsulate an impassioned state of mind. The alluring vocals are enhanced by an ambient echo, contributing to the track's overall raw and do-it-yourself essence.

‘Slow’ is about slowing down and taking a step back whether that be in a relationship or when facing an overwhelming situation. Into Surf cleverly employs irony as the passionate guitars burst into action from the start, steadily intensifying the tempo throughout the track. The final moments of 'Slow' feature a rapid surge of guitars, mirroring an overwhelming sensation that contradicts the lyrics urging to "Slow down I’m going nowhere." 

‘Fade’ embodies quintessential indie vibes, reminiscent of Catfish and the Bottlemen. The instrumentals seamlessly traverse from harsh tones with jangled guitars to soft and gentle moments, mirroring the vocals and culminating in an impressive track.

Into Surf's eponymous EP is a thrilling and whimsical debut, skillfully blending the realms of indie and alternative rock. The EP gracefully navigates the highs and lows of youth, weaving captivating melodies and lively rhythms into a stunning musical journey.

Ana Joy King 


Image: Into SurfOfficial EP Cover

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