Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Tenderhooks Release the alt-rock instant classic ‘Big Brother’

Tenderhooks' musical journey began in 2005 with their debut album, ‘Devil Rides White Horses,’ and they have since gone on to reveal a myriad of musical releases that show off a full-blooded alt-rock discography including their latest single ‘Big Brother.’  

Tenderhooks is a four-member band from Brighton on England's south coast, consisting of Markus Leinweber as its talented songwriter, pianist, and vocalist. Mike Phillips holds down the bass, Andy Cooke commands the drums, and the newest addition, Charl Cronje, adds rhythm/lead guitar and vocals. Delving into the world of Tenderhooks reveals their style of eclectic songs that guide listeners through an intriguing journey lyrically and musically.

‘Big Brother’ is an eccentric song about the escalating encroachment of the state into our daily existence. Tenderhooks navigate the intricacies of alt-rock, weaving in elements like playing with tempo and rhythm. They employ subtle pauses between contagious guitar riffs and drumbeats in the introduction, and during the uplifting sections, the tempo accelerates into a toe-tapping frenzy, creating an incredibly catchy tune. The outcome is a unique and textured track with an infectious melody that engages the audience, interspersed with moments for contemplation.

Tenderhooks consistently demonstrate their talent for creating irresistibly catchy, uplifting, and jubilant tunes, and 'Big Brother' is a shining example. With its infectious rhythm and powerful vocal range, there's no question that 'Big Brother' will keep fans coming back for more.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Big Brother’ Official Single Cover


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