Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Contrasting and Catchy New Single from Meat In Space, ‘Ruby Tourmaline’

Described as a ‘DIY rock project’ Meat In Space has epitomised the sound of 90s punk rock. From the guitar-centred instrumentation to the blink-182-esque vocals, their sound stands out against the new-wave electronica, and is undeniably individual.

Compared to heavier previous tracks ‘Outta My Head’ and ‘Chromium Dioxide’, Ruby Tourmaline’ is a welcomed acoustic breather, demonstrating Meat In Space’s versatility to experiment within this genre.

Full of conflicting elements, the track keeps listeners thoroughly engaged and on their toes. As the acoustic guitar lays a relaxed foundation and the electric guitar inflections add further lucidity, the timbre of the instruments combined with the direct vocals give an opposing intensity.  

Meat In Space creates a clever contrast between the track’s melody and harmony. The vocal melodies are complete earworms, with the chorus being particularly catchy “all I ask is of you / is that you make it through / castles crumbling down / shadows surround you”. However, the harmony is unpredictable in its tonality, moving between an uplifting major feel and a minor dissonance. 

The wealth of sonic variety in the track makes it impossible to label ‘Ruby Tourmaline’ in one specific way; it branches out into many directions, taking at least a few listens to be thoroughly acquainted with its niche qualities. 

The single is due for release on 23 January 2024 alongside a b-side, ‘5th Dimension’. 

Rachel Feehan

Image: ‘Ruby Tourmaline’ Official Single Cover

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