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Palaye Royale's Doozy New Track 'umakemenotwannadie' Feels Reminiscent of The 1975

When many people picture Palaye Royale, they're probably imagining one kind of image: messy black hair, smudged eyeliner, pale faces, gothic clothing – a proper traditional, glitzy, rockstar look. It's hard not to with songs like 'Mr Doctor Man' and 'Hang Onto Yourself' bursting at the seams with gritty vocals, singing guitars, and lead singer Remington Leith's iconic accent that may have gone on to inspire the likes of bands like M√•neskin

When this glam rock trio takes the softer ballad road, it's definitely a time to sit down and listen. Although their biggest song 'Lonely' can be seen as one of their more unassuming songs, it doesn't have quite the same effect as their latest track 'umakemenotwannadie' – the lovechild of The 1975 and 'Lonely'  and an adventurous push away from their last fiery EP 'Sextape'.

Immediately, the slower guitar and sweeping background instrumentals in the intro feels very akin to The 1975's 'Somebody Else' and 'fallingforyou'. Singing languorously about a lover, 'umakemenotwannadie' plays into the feelings of a love so strong it's almost desperate  it's not only a source of pleasure, but it's the thing that is keeping them alive. Reminiscing of quiet nights drinking and falling asleep together is followed up by the quiet creep in of the chorus with lyrics such as "Will you love me forever? / Will we always be together?". It's passionate, and this passion is not just derivative of love.

There's no doubt that this is an intimate song, focusing heavily on the desperate feelings of lust and need towards a significant other. The track's tone and overall insouciant vibe ensures these feelings are delivered without being crass  instead, the full arrangement of the song is able to explore the interweaving nature of love and lust. With a slight placidity in his voice, Leith admits that their intimacy is enough to get him high, juxtaposing the earlier desperation of "craving" their lover's touch and wanting to "breathe" them in. This synergy has it gratifying highs and gentler lows, and 'umakemenotwannadie' explores that well. 

Listen to Palaye Royale's new EP 'Songs for Sadness' being released this Friday.

Sasha Semjonova
Image: 'umakemenotwannadie' Official Single Cover

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