Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Enjoying Life’s Joyous Moment: Gli Incubi di Freud Release The Upbeat Track ‘E Poi Non Ridi Piu’

Solo and cooperative alternative rock set-up Gli Incubi di Freud or Freud’s Nightmare in Italian has released the calming, yet hearty track ‘E Poi Non Ridi Piu’ Aiming to make light of the genuine moments life has to offer through authentic lyrics and a catchy upbeat rhythm. 

Described by its creator, Joshua McFarrow, as a dystopian fusion of alternative and talkative rock, Gli Incubi di Freud features McFarrow as the vocalist and bassist, Andrea ‘K’ Piermateri on rhythm guitar, and Massimiliano Camela on lead guitar. Their most recent release, 'E Poi Non Ridi Piu,' seamlessly combines elements of pop and rock, resulting in a delightful sound that uplifts listeners, whether Italian or not, and puts them in a cheerful mood.

Commencing with a gentle guitar, maintaining a repetitive arrangement throughout the entire track, Gli Incubi di Freud leverages this approach to craft a sunny, positive melody, ensuring a consistently upbeat atmosphere. The subtle percussion beats seamlessly intertwine, inducing a toe-tapping rhythm familiar to ‘Walking Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves. McFarrow's vocals exude optimism and passion, creating an endearing listening experience. Even if the language is not understood, the persistent good vibes are contagious and bring a smile to the listener's face.

‘E Poi Non Ridi Piu’ is a revitalizing surge of positive energy, urging listeners to embrace laughter and adopt a lighthearted approach to life. The song's straightforward yet impactful structure places Gli Incubi di Freud in the spotlight, establishing them as the go-to source for uplifting, feel-good music

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘E Poi Non Ridi Piu’ Official Single Cover

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