Monday, December 11, 2023

Mimi Pretend Releases the Immersive ‘First Time’

The latest single from LA-based Mimi Pretend is an absolute masterclass in composition and songwriting.

At a surprising six minutes long, ‘First Time’ is enchanting; immediately captivating listeners from the opening piano, this establishes the slow, sultry atmosphere that persists for the song’s entirety. As Mimi’s vocals enter around the one-minute mark with an earthy grit to them, she begins to tell the story of a complex forgotten love of a faraway time and place, effortlessly grounding the track. 

Instrumentally, ‘First Time’ perfectly blends shoegaze and old-school rock, whilst dipping into electronic influences. Swooning synths and misc. percussion develops the second verse before the instrumental reaches its peak in the final couple of minutes, building to become a whirlpool of sound. 

There’s a give-and-take quality with ‘First Time’, in which the instrumental builds to such an intensity that they demand attention, yet the vocals stay relaxed and composed, still resonant in the mix. Despite the intimate lyricism, “Do you remember the first time / in the back of your truck / wishing you were mine?” the delivery sounds objective with a subtle confidence - recalling a personal story, but it doesn’t hold the same hurt as it once did. Instead of fighting the ferocity, the vocals allow themselves to be engulfed by this instrumental whirlwind, finding themselves happily trapped in the epicentre.

With a killer combination of compelling vocals, dynamic instrumentation, and a range of influences, ‘First Time’ is a truly enticing, unforgettable single, due to contribute massively to Mimi’s upcoming EP, 'colorado 1996' set for release on January 5th 2024.

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: ‘First Time’ Official Single Cover

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