Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Declan McKenna's Sunny New Track 'Elevator Hum' Breathes New Life into Modern Bedroom Pop

If there's anything to know about Declan McKenna, it's that he never shies away from experimenting with his sounds and putting his own twist on cult classics or established genres. 

His latest single 'Elevator Hum'  the latest preview of his third studio album 'What Happened to the Beach'  demonstrates this perfectly.

 A whimsical cluster of shuffling beats and familiar bedroom pop melodies are juxtaposed against some weirdly endearing elevator beeps and buzzes, and if there's anybody who can pull off that amalgamation, it would be Declan. 

Overall, 'Elevator Hum' plays into the flowing, docile tones that are key contenders in his previous songs such as 'Brazil' and 'In Blue', lingering in the underbelly beneath thought-provoking lyrics and lively instrumentals. The choruses play like a mantra, leaning into soft lyrics like "Cause I want you to believe / you're just like me". It's personal; it's an old friend pulling the listener up and out of a slump and into the light. 

Twinkling bells and quiet mechanical beeps dance around Declan's subdued vocals, and as the song arches into its gradual crescendos, it's joined by rumbling strings and foot-tapping percussions, before fizzling out into the iconic electric murmurs that feel so familiar in a Declan McKenna song. And let's not forget the sweet horns in the instrumental, temporarily whisking the listener out of the bedroom pop daze and into a jazzy dance break, before planting them right back into the sunny glow for the song's ending segment.

Clearly unafraid to be unapologetically himself, Declan McKenna continues to delight and surprise his fans with his music. You can get ahold of his next album 'What Happened to the Beach' on February 9th, 2024.

Sasha Semjonova
Image: 'Elevator Hum' Official Single Cover

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