Thursday, December 28, 2023

Declan Mckenna Reveals His Cover of 'Slipping Through My Fingers'

The increasingly popular British artist Declan Mckenna has now released his full acoustic cover of ABBA’s ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ which appeared on their 1981 album, ‘The Visitors’.  

His cover was in high demand after a short TikTok video went viral among his fans and the record has already received many positive reviews from music critics. 

Upon the release of his latest track, he joked “Thank you to everyone for making it Christmas number one this week I have complete faith in you”

The cover is mostly acoustic until the latter sections of the song unlike the original and for that reason, this version is emotive in its own right as the dynamics are lower and the tempo slightly slower to add even more of a reflective tone to the music. The song is a love song about someone who spends much of their life chasing the love of their life and keeps “Slipping through my fingers all the time”

The song ends eerily with the line “She leaves home in the early morning / Waving goodbye with an absent-minded smile” before the song cuts off to a backdrop of silence. His take on the brilliant original is filled with raw emotion and fits perfectly with the scenery for this time of year. The track has already achieved thousands of views online and is guaranteed to reach new audiences. 

After his recent successes, Mckenna will now be preparing for his upcoming European tour in the New Year with trips to Germany, the Netherlands, France, and the UK of course all on the horizon so stay in the loop with tickets and dates. Simply put, his live performances are well worth watching as he continues to grow as a performer.  

Antony Bailey 


Image: Official 'Slipping Through My Fingers' Single Cover

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