Friday, December 22, 2023

A Slow-burning Symphony Is Created As IDLES Release New, Emotional Track ‘Grace’

Five-person rock band IDLES have released four albums to date, with their new single ‘Grace’ proving to continue this musical legacy.

Forming at university during their time in Bristol were the band’s original three members: Joe Talbot, Adam Devonshire and Mark Bowen before their first release in 2012 entitled ‘Welcome’. This proved to be a gateway to stardom disguised as an EP and led the band to incorporate more members and create incredible new music.

With a reputation as offering a platform for empowerment within today’s generation of fearless youth, ‘Grace’ is a more subdued side to the band. The song not only has the heart-breaking lyrics of “Give me grace/ Make me pure/ When they’re knocking at my door”, but this is accompanied by a slower tempo, soft melody and a sense of anguish in the vocal tone. As such, there is this sense of being lost and calling for a helping hand in the darkest of times.

This sensitivity and the emotion conveyed within each lyric demonstrate the unique versatility of the bad. Their previous releases often utilise fast chord changes and drumming patterns to represent anger and almost destruction as a musical symbol in response to social conventions and standards. These records are always an understandably huge hit with their fans as tours are filled with screaming adoration for their music. However, here, listeners are granted this beautifully soulful change in tone from their usual compositions. As the frontman sings “I will hear your burdened cries”, fans can feel such an immense sense of reflection and charm both in the vocals and the instrumental genius. 

Overall, the entire essence of this track is one to be greatly admired. The pathway that the band are creating for themselves is one allowing them to be powerful and loud as well as soft and emotional. Their dynamic sound is incredible, and their upcoming tour is an event to be greatly anticipated. 

Abby Price


Image: ‘Grace’ Official Single Cover


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