Saturday, November 25, 2023

We Are All Just ‘Young Strangers’ Say Sea Girls On New single

Excitement is building for the new Sea Girls album, more so now than ever now that its second single is out. ‘Young Strangers’ is the ultimate track made for heartbroken teens angry at the world - which is a demographic that handily makes up most of the Sea Girls fanbase!

Written alongside Kid Harpoon, this new song demonstrates some of the band’s best songwriting skills. The main lyric in this song is “I’m a lot more like you than you like”. Lead vocalist Henry Camamile is directly speaking to the listener, making for a very intimate and personal experience over the song’s duration. 

Two young strangers” could be a classic indie lyric referring to oneself and a lover. But here, it goes a little deeper, with Camamile referring to himself and the listener as a collective. The song speaks about how the world is falling apart and the frontman’s personal methods of coping, explaining that we are all just young strangers trying to survive. Lyrics such as “Everybody knows that England is collapsing” drop a hint of social activism in the lyrics of this song - taking inspirations from British punk mainstays such as The Sex Pistols, Sea Girls are using their music as a tool to act against the things happening in the world that need to change, and very cleverly getting their young fanbase to join in. 

The sound of a record in reverse kicks off the track, easing the listener in, and also suggesting that we are being transported back in time, getting the listener ready for the tune’s coming-of-age vibe. The verse begins with an acoustic guitar paired with soft, warm synth, a light and breezy way to start ‘Young Strangers’. For a song that came out in November, it’s got Summer written all over it. 

Camamile loves to show off his vocal range, but he goes above and beyond here. He lulls the listener into a false sense of security with a small start, then he adds the power of his voice which alters the course of the song. 

The bridge of this song is a very interesting one. The music builds up to what you would expect to be a crescendo of sounds for the grand finale, but instead just ends in a perfectly enjoyable anticlimax. It’s new and unexpected from Sea Girls, putting a smile on the listener’s face as they realise that the song isn’t quite over yet. Isolated vocals and a tasteful voice crack then provide the perfect ending to a powerful and intricate song.

Izzi Glover

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Image: ‘Young Strangers’ Official Single Cover

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