Sunday, November 26, 2023

Trash Pals Embrace a Spectrum of Emotions In The Brand New EP ‘Love Object’

Trash Pals, the indie rock duo comprising versatile artists Conor Rayne and Gabe Schnider. In their most recent EP, ‘Love Object,’ a well-crafted collection of lively, uplifting tunes that encourage listeners to embrace the spectrum of emotions alongside the urge for toe-tapping greatness to deeply resonate with listeners. 

With a friendship forged during childhood and spanning 15 years, Trah Pals’ music reflects a deep trust and serves as a means to navigate the complexities and highs of life. Leveraging Conor's experience with Brasstracks, Chance the Rapper, and Mark Ronson, alongside Gabe's virtuosity demonstrated with influences such as Wynton Marsalis and Jon Batiste, Trash Pals are a dynamic and compelling stage presence, bringing a breath of fresh air to the music scene.

Opening with ‘Everything You Do,’ the song sets a light tone, skillfully combining guitar-driven melodies and rhythms that seamlessly blend polished craftsmanship with a do-it-yourself ethos.  Carrying a melancholic essence by portraying a canvas of heartbreak and hope as they navigate the journey of accepting loss and finding the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

'Specter' takes a grittier approach, with lower tones and textures. Trash Pals cleverly fuse indie rock with a touch of grunge to evoke a somber atmosphere. Heavy guitars, layered with distortion, accompany thudding rhythms, while raw vocals mirror the lingering instrumentals and themes of reflecting on the past as expressed in the lyrics “Slipping from the present into the past once again.” 

Maintaining an emotionally intimate quality, ‘What I Want’ has an active and energetic tempo, opening with a great drumbeat that continues throughout the track. ‘What I Want’ has a delightful interplay of  electric guitars, and vocals, perfectly blending for a melodic atmosphere and a spectacular listen. 

‘Sunrise’ closes the EP, made up of hushed instrumentals to finish on a calmer note through glimmering instrumentals, slow and tranquil in order to give the overall track a serene tone to focus on the reassuring message that despite hard times the sun will always rise, as expressed in the lyrics “take it easy, one day at a time.” 

In their latest EP, 'Love Object,' Trash Pals has curated a fantastic and diverse array of songs. Each track seamlessly blends various styles, emotions, and rhythms, encouraging listeners to embrace their feelings and immerse themselves in a thoroughly enjoyable musical journey.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Love Object’ Official Single Cover

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