Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nina Nesbitt Delivers Refreshing Christmas Track

Christmas songs are a funny one as they are only rolled out once a year as the nights get colder and the ice starts to creep in. 

Many are very formulaic, and rehash overused Christmas-themed tropes and topics. These singles seem to either become instant classics, or simply fade out once the snow melts away. 

However, this latest single from Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt is the opposite of formulaic. Whilst ‘Christmas Time Again’ features a number of Christmassy instruments (such as jingly bells and choir-like backing vocals), the lyrical content is refreshing and modern. 

Nesbitt creates a vivid and relatable image of coming home for Christmas right from the word go. In the first verse she discusses coming home to the dog near the fire, with a relative asleep on the couch with a Christmas-induced hangover. She also touches on the all too familiar awkward chats with distant acquaintances as she sings: “engage in awkward conversation with your mum’s friend Melanie / she drives you round the bend / wondering how you’ve been”.

As the song breaks into the chorus, it’s hard not to get into the Christmas spirit as Nebitt exclaims the lyrics “spark up the lights, strike up the band / fill up my glass and take my hand”. Driven drums, striking piano and electric guitar also accompany Nina’s always impressive vocals during the pivotal chorus.

‘Christmas Time Again’ is a brilliant attempt at a modern Christmas pop song. It sheds the urge to dip into cheesy tropes and instead carves its own refreshing lane.

Image: Christmas Time Again' Official Single Cover 

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