Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dons of Youth Embrace Vulnerability and Get Real With ‘Rush’

Peter Moe and Kelly Matthews III, known as Dons of Youth, formed an American recording duo located in Nashville, USA. Their collaborative journey started at university, where they contributed to each other's solo projects over the years. In 2022, they officially adopted the name Dons of Youth.

Presently, the duo is immersed in creating their debut album, a coming-of-age masterpiece delving into themes of allure, and young love. As a preview, they've unveiled the NEWEST track from the project, 'Rush'.

'Rush' vividly captures the essence of youthful love, desire, and romance, employing emotive lyrics to envelop the vulnerability of the experience, pleading for the love of another as expressed in “place your hands on my chest, on my heart. Feel it beat”.

The track commences with a surge of synth-like sound to create a wash calm, soothing the listener and drawing them into the preceding into the entrance of a resounding thudding drumbeat accompanied by a subtle percussion. This seamlessly transitions into a detailed acoustic guitar, taking centre stage throughout while still harmoniously blending with the overall arrangement for endearing instrumentals. 

Dons of Youth crafted a beautiful composition that explores the peaks and valleys of youthful love. Employing gentle and uncomplicated arrangements, the song has the power to both comfort and evoke emotions in the minds of listeners. Whether tears flow from happiness or sorrow, 'Rush' stands out as nothing less than brilliant.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Rush’ Official Single Cover

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