Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Waterparks Capture Lightning in a Bottle With Latest Single

High-paced and catchy, the latest single by Houston-based Waterparks is just over two minutes and a half of pure speed.

Best described as a speedran pop song that can’t sit still, ‘SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN’ features jumpy synths, speedy drums and a fast-paced lyrical delivery.

Waterparks, who are currently signed to record label 300 Entertainment, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Awsten KnightOtto Wood on drums and Geoff Wigington also on guitar, with all three contributing to a sound that is somewhere between indie rock and electronic pop in this latest single. 

Coming straight out of the starting blocks from the word go, synths and vocals are paired up in the first verse, before punchy drums are introduced. Big synth chords and repetitive guitar riffs then join in, before merging tidily together as the chorus kicks in.

The production on this track is well balanced and should receive some recognition given the amount of shouty instruments are involved throughout the track.

The vocal performance by Knight is that of a quintessential front person, with a unique style and 2000’s-esque vocal performance displayed in this cut. 

Fast, loud and genre-bending, it seems like Waterparks have captured lightning in a bottle with this latest single.

Dan Jones

Image: ‘INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYOfficial Album Cover 

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