Tuesday, October 24, 2023

IDLES Release Intense And Edgy New Track 'Dancer'

British punk rock band IDLES, known for their energetic and confrontational style as well as their bouncy live performances, have released a brand new single in collaboration with LCD Soundsystem.

'Dancer' is a catchy and playful song that showcases IDLES’ brand of aggressive but danceable post-punk music. The track opens with a bouncy bassline and pulsating drums before the guitars kick in, creating an overall upbeat sound. 

The transgressive track explores ideas of movement and connection through lyrics such as:  “I can taste the mood in my mouth / Like particles of punch drunk love”. Combined with an expansive sound, it reflects the power of music and connection.

‘Dancer’ is a fun and energetic song that is sure to get audiences moving. The driving bassline, strong guitar riffs, and upbeat drums create a sense of urgency, while the shout-along chorus is a staple of IDLES’ live shows. The explosiveness of the song really comes into its own towards the end of the track. 

This fiery standout track exemplifies the band’s ability to expand on their already catchy punk rock as lyrically this song takes on a present and relatable experience of losing yourself to music, “Collide is as we work it out / Dance, oh dance”.

Their new album ‘TANGK’ will be released on the 16th February 2024.

Ciara Fearn


Image: 'Dancer' Official Single Cover


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