Tuesday, October 17, 2023

‘trust exercises’ Brings Fans Together To Celebrate easy life One More Time

The alt-indie band, easy life have come out with their final single ‘trust exercises’. Following on from their recent dispute with EasyJet over their name and branding, easy life have used their name one more time to give fans a send-off they deserve. 

This single had major significance for the band. In a recent Instagram post, the band wrote, “We were always waiting for the right moment to drop this song but it never felt right.” “It really is now or never.” 

Having spoken very openly on their recent legal battle, these words give a real meaning to the song. Having been stated as one of the earliest songs the band wrote cooperatively, it was a perfect way to conclude their time as easy life.

Open up, you know your family // This is a trust exercise you can fall back on me”,  this main lyric brings us into the chorus of the song, providing a real sense of togetherness and unity, perhaps a nod towards the band and their fan’s, particularly resonating with this difficult time and needing to stick together and maintain loyalty.

After the success of their send-off show, ‘for the very last time’, fans are left waiting for the band’s next step. A new name? A new sound? All ready for a new era of easy life.

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: ‘trust exercises’ Official Single Cover

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