Tuesday, October 17, 2023

‘False Prophets’: The Somber Yet Defiant New Single from Teddy Clarke

Musician Teddy Clarke expels all of his fear, angst, and disappointment with his new track, ‘False Prophets’. 

It’s not the first song to ever direct any sort of outrage or resentment toward those in power, but it certainly adds another layer to a necessary conversation, reflecting a general growing tension between the government and its people. 

The intensity of the track is immediately set with the atmospheric reversed ambience, ready for the storyline that is to follow. The track finds its pace with a refreshingly near-full band outfit, comprising piano, drums, vocals, and strings.

The piano and drums bind the track together, and Clarke’s vocals shine as they move between a strong head voice and an airy falsetto, but it is the strings which truly elevate the track and catch the listener’s ear. As they fluctuate between sustained and pizzicato notes, this builds tension and suspense to help push the song into its varying sections.

False Prophets’ retaliates against the never-ending dishonesty and injustice from politicians and the media, asking how it has been able to continue for so long, “I fear the words I don’t believe in / I can’t trust the words I’ve seen deceit in”. It also touches on the collective fatigue and weariness that, at this point, is surely felt nationwide if not globally. As Clarke states “The TV told me that I’ll die by Tuesday / guess my time is up” he perfectly pinpoints just how tiresome the lies and indoctrination have become, and how it becomes almost impossible to fight against it.

However, it is due to artists like Teddy Clarke that remind audiences that there IS a need to keep a clear head regarding current affairs. There IS a need to form our own opinions on what is right and wrong, rather than being spoonfed a premeditated storyline to fit someone else’s agenda. 

With the current turmoil and uncertainty, ‘False Prophets’ is loaded with relevancy, and offers a catharsis to those who may be feeling the rippling repercussions. 

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: ‘False Prophets’ Official Single Cover

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