Friday, October 20, 2023

NRY Release Their Ferociously Punk Rock Debut Album ‘ON / OFF’

Dortmund's fresh rock/punk trio, NRY, is uninterested in conforming to any specific genre.

Their primary focus is delivering exceptional music, crafting songs that convey more than just raw punk intensity.

Their compositions transcend mere volume, embracing a rich array of dynamics and this is no different to their debut album ‘ON / OFF.’ 

The album's journey begins with ‘Nothing Matters,’ the opening track of the 17-song collection.

It commences with a gentle, almost lullaby-like melody, reminiscent of a music box, immediately capturing the listener's attention with its infectious charm. Soon, there's a sudden surge in energy as the rhythmic guitar arrangements burst forth, taking the audience by surprise while immersing them in intense emotions. Though short and sweet in duration, ‘Nothing Matters’ brims with emotion, delivering a powerful message about the insignificance of life's struggles in the grand scheme of things. The lyrics echo this sentiment with lines like "Nothing Matters, we all know it's not getting better...we do it all over again."

‘Someday’ commences at a gentle, unhurried tempo, initiated by solitary, twinkling guitar strum. However, it swiftly evolves into a lively arrangement, as the electric guitar seamlessly intertwines with the vocals. The tempo gradually intensifies, leading to an eruption of ceaseless rhythms and emotive guitar harmonies, all complemented by the vocals of Jen Kriegel and Lars Kriegel that blend perfectly with a touch of rawness, adding a punk-inspired edge to the performance.

‘Outta Control’ delves into the theme of relinquishing control and, much like ‘Someday,’ it commences with NRY's signature style of exploring tempo dynamics. It starts by gracefully introducing robust and commanding instrumentals, only to subsequently catapult the same arrangement into a maelstrom of passionate emotions. The tempo of "Outta Control" is nothing short of explosive, blending power chords and resounding drum beats, evoking the spirit of early 2000s punk rock.

‘NT’ stands as a remarkable composition where NRY distinctly showcase their instrumental prowess. They skillfully blend distorted guitars and percussion with electronic synths and scratches, crafting a mesmerizing and intense sonic wave of pure excellence. NRY continues to reveal their musical artistry through the tracks ‘RDY’ and ‘Y,’ employing experimentation to exhibit growth and enthrall their audience.

Drenched in the raw essence of punk fury, ‘The Crawl’ once again demonstrates NRY's expertise in tempo manipulation. It initiates with a robust, rhythmic bassline, then unleashes a torrent of thunderous beats and wailing guitars. 

‘Love of a Vampire" explores themes of hope and self-destruction, drawing clear inspiration from The Foo Fighters. Employing a garage rock style, this track revolves around captivating riffs and meandering chord progressions, all the while maintaining an undercurrent of tension. It unquestionably stands as one of the album's standout moments.


Concluding the album, ‘Suitcase’ provides a serene and simplified conclusion. It starts with a gentle piano accompanied by a supporting bass, maintaining a leisurely and soothing pace throughout. The song delves into the theme of drifting apart from someone, as articulated in the lyrics, "You and my hair, memories are still there. You and my hair get thinner and disappear". ‘Suitcase’ offers a seamless and contemplative ending, allowing listeners a moment of introspection and a gratifying conclusion to the album.

NRY have created an excellent debut album that is hard-hitting and fuelled by emotion. Using raw punk energy throughout ‘ON / OFF,’ NRY not only play around with tempo but play around with the alternative rock formula, having a clear and consistent sound throughout but offering something new each time. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘ON / OFF’ Official Album Cover

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