Friday, October 20, 2023

Moody Contour With An Allure Like No Other Molly Willis Releases New Single ‘Hypocentre’

Following the triumph of her single ‘Escape Routes,’ Molly Willis has introduced her latest track, ‘Hypocentre’, a contemplative and emotionally charged composition overflowing with a charm bound to mesmerise its audience and guide them through a profound emotional experience. 

Based in Norwich, UK, Molly Willis is an indie singer/songwriter who humorously labels herself as a “depresso-bop maker, sad booty shaker”.

Molly is renowned for her haunting vocal delivery and distinctive, intricately crafted musical landscapes. Her latest release ‘Hypocentre,’ maintains this signature uniqueness.  

‘Hypocentre’ gracefully unfolds with a harmonious mix of gentle yet sonorous guitar riffs that perfectly and adeptly set the tone. Its structure is marked by a striking duality: while it possesses a depth of darkness it is cleverly disguised by an inviting and joyful facade, which is strengthened by Molly Willis’ charismatic presence. 

‘Hypocentre’ is the epitome of indie pop music, showcasing melodious vocals that are simultaneously clear and haunting, coupled with introspective lyrics such as “I’m clean now, serene now. This whole month is a comedown” perfectly unveiling Molly’s deep vulnerability. 

Molly Willis gives a moody couture track in ‘Hypocentre,’ using juxtaposition to create a layered and complex track that holds both darkness and light. By showing her vulnerability  

Molly Willis delivers moody couture in ‘Hpyocentre,’ employing juxtaposition to create a multi-layered and complex track that balances both optimism and pessimism to take her listeners on an alluring journey of reflection and realisation, a must-listen.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Hypocentre’ Official Single Cover

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