Friday, September 29, 2023

Wild Horse Delve Into Their Feelings on Indie Single ‘Attraction’

Since forming Wild Horse as teenagers, Sussex-based brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and best friend Ed Barnes have taken the time to master and refine their craft over the years. Creating a signature blend of indie-esque instrumentals and infectious pop melodies, their new single ‘Attraction’ adds to their solid discography. 

Attraction’ details the unexpected rush of feelings felt towards someone, exploring how rapidly this can transpire and the intensity of these feelings, “it ain’t even been two weeks but I know it's you”. Out of the band’s dedication and the track’s universal theme comes a solid earworm of a track, developing in such a natural way that listeners have no choice but to strap in for the journey. 

Opening with a dampened electric guitar lick and woozy reverb, ‘Attraction’ initially feels cosy and mellow, and could easily move into a hazy, electro track. However, as soon as the chorus hits, the band becomes brighter and the instrumental more urgent - this is where the song solidifies itself as a classically contagious indie piece, comprising of a catchy vocal hook and driving guitars. 

This variation of style and the change in pace is what helps the trio stand out against the crowd. They’ve worked tirelessly throughout their career and have come a long way since they were teenagers, having received recognition from household names like The BBC, Radio X, as well as various international stations. 

This vast amount of experiences is heard and reflected through the high-quality of their music now that the band are in their 20s. They’re now an in-demand live act, as proven by their 2023 national tour and performance at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival 2023. 

With a demonstrable work ethic and an obvious long-lasting love for music, 2024 is sure to be another huge year for Wild Horse, making an even bigger impact on the indie-pop scene.

Rachel Feehan

Image: ‘Attraction’ Official Single Cover

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