Saturday, September 30, 2023

A Love Letter To The Past: Girl Shaped Gun Release The Emotive Single ‘Denim Jacket’

Alternative rock meets indie Girl Shaped Gun have been causing a stir recently and gaining traction in the music scene, especially with the release of their latest single ‘Denim Jacket’.

The Perth-based indie collective consists of members Eliza Hodder, Jake Batt, Joe Brunswick, Joash Graham, and Sean Moring who bonded and came together over their mutual love of peppermint tea. As a band they blur the lines between indie and alternative rock, creating ‘Denim Jacket’ a subtle powerhouse that oozes with emotive lyricism and nostalgia.

Acting as a love letter to 1950's pop culture, ‘Denim Jacket’ was written by Sean Moring who wrote the lyrics whilst working in a care home where he listened to the many stories of its residents. This is shown in the lyrics “Got me looking for something, something out of the blue. Now I’m looking for someone, someone just like you.” What Girl Shaped Gun does cleverly is take on a point of view, transporting listeners into a brand new world and sparking vivid emotion and sentiment. 

‘Denim Jacket’ has a medium fast tempo and is told through distorted and low-tuned guitars adding a lo-fi feel to the track. This DIY approach gives the overall track an affable, positive feeling throughout but still gives ‘Denim Jacket’ layers that complement a complex context with a simple musical structure.

Girl Shaped Gun take ‘Denim Jacket’ in their stride and showcases their attention to detail with songwriting in both lyrics and instrumentals. Based on truth, 'Denim Jacket’ is a nostalgic, bittersweet, and heartwarming song that is a must-listen. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Denim Jacket’ Official Single Cover

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