Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Rolling Stones Release Lead Single From Highly Anticipated New Album

Though the British-born and-raised band have been active for over six decades, the first glimpse into their new music cements the fact that The Rolling Stones are still committed to their position in the music industry as one of the greatest rock bands of all time. 

Angry’ is the lead single of their forthcoming album, ‘Hackney Diamonds’ – which will be the first complete album of original music the band will have released in nearly twenty years. Despite having gone through various shifts in terms of band members throughout the years, frontman Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards remain, having co-written the new track together, alongside producer Andrew Watt

In successfully reminding their fans that the Rock & Roll scene is still alive and thriving, ‘Angry’ is a perfectly curated lead single. Beginning with the lyrics “Don’t get angry with me, / I never caused you no pain, / I won’t be angry with you”,  it sets the tone as an anthem for lovers who have had an argument. Though not necessarily the most unique or iconic song of theirs – there’s no denying the subtle influence of the twenty-first-century music industry in the track – it does boast an easy and all-round pleasant listening experience. With an electric guitar solo midway, too, the band are still holding onto those classic, hard rock elements that allowed them to first shoot to fame in the sixties. 

With ‘Hackney Diamonds’ set to be the band’s first full album of original music in eighteen years, anticipation is sure to be rife among fans until its release. You won’t want to miss this album, so make sure to keep the date Friday 20th October in mind. 



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Image: ‘Angry’ Official Single Cover



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