Monday, September 11, 2023

The Pulltops Are Back With The Inspiring Single ‘Wide Awake’

The Pulltops are back with their latest single ‘Wide Awake’, an optimistic track that cleverly combines the aesthetic of alt-rock with the composed elegance of smooth pop.

From Milwaukee, USA The Pulltops are a duo that specialise in a variety of genres, including alt-rock, indie rock and power pop.  The duo consists of drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell and were initially brought together through their mutual love of record collecting but having differing tastes. While Mark leaned toward more of old country and soul music, Tom draws strong influence from the experimental underground scene. 

‘Wide Awake’ is a motivational song full of aspiration. It is aimed at those who are ready to take charge in their lives and tackle obstacles to finally overcome them. This is shown through the bold lyrics “I feel so wide awake today. I found my voice has so much I can say. My eyes are open, I feel wide awake”. 

The Pulltops use a plethora of musical elements to captivate listeners and take them on a listening journey. ‘Wide Awake’ opens with a strong, deep lead guitar that is rich in sound. Then an instant, steady  bass soon kicks in. The result? An intricate blend of powerful hooks and funk that creates an infectiously upbeat sound that will leave listeners feeling elevated.

The drums within ‘Wide Awake’ are energetic and perfectly frame the dynamic of the song and adds a level of intensity and excitement to ‘Wide Awake’.

Despite having such vast differences in musical influence, The Pulltops find the perfect mutual ground in pop with added alt-rock flare. Perfectly shown in ‘Wide Awake’ the Milwaukee duo show off their strong craftsmanship for strong hooks and sentimental lyricism for an enthralling and inspiring listen.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Wide Awake’ Official Single Cover

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