Thursday, September 07, 2023

Otis Shanty Utilises Musical Distortion On 'Daylight Savings'

Five years into their musical career, four-part band Otis Shanty is creating masterpieces that astound listeners with every beat and lyric. The band is made up of Sadye Bobbette, Ryan DiLello, Julian Snyder and Jono Quinn,  friends from their school days in New York.

Each member takes up their own unique part in musically and vocally showcasing such incredible talent in each release, and their sound together becomes grounded and mellow. Having such a diverse and dynamic sound, the band has acquired many fans within their five short years, and their new release ‘Daylight Savings’ is already a massive hit online. 

Beginning with a very airy guitar riff and slowly becoming slightly more intense, the track immediately has a draw to it. It feels as one would imagine a summer evening to feel, portrayed musically as the band performs this harmonious and collective sound. Each instrument flows impeccably with one another and Bobbette’s vocals. Subsequently, listeners can begin to hear the mixture of fluidity and melody in the instruments with this concept of steady building and creating a transformative sound that makes their work stand out from so many artists in the industry. 

The sudden sound of a trumpet in the latter half of the track really adds an earthly and raw feel to it. The use of such a powerful instrument, one with the ability to overpower the others, in a way that merely enhances those surrounding it conveys this sense of togetherness and compatibility that the band has been forming in their five years on the musical scene. 

The lyrics talk of wanting the “sun to go down slower” at the very beginning of the track, perhaps a nod to the beauty that comes with summertime and subsequently spending time with those you love. Bobbette also sings about “treat(ing) the winter like a game” thus conveying the influence that seasons have on one’s emotions. These messages resonate so heavily with the people of today, and so it’s wonderful to hear an artist touch on relatable topics; it allows a certain comfortability to accompany the song. 

Overall, the creation is simply marvellous. From allowing this idea of waiting for summer to roll around to feel like a happier version of yourself, to the simple tricks in instrument use that make the single so uniquely distorted, Otis Shanty is really proving to be the band of the summer.

Abby Price


Image: Otis Shanty ‘Daylight Savings’ Official Single Cover


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