Wednesday, September 06, 2023

A “Super Pure Love Song”, The Snuts Release New Single ‘Dreams’

Classic indie legends from Glasgow, The Snuts, have done it again, providing us with the best feel-good gig songs. ‘Dreams’, is the follow-up from the lead single, ‘Gloria’, of the as-yet unnamed LP3.

With their sophomore album, ‘Burn The Empire’, being all about society and political judgement, they are taking a new turn with these singles. They told NME about all of the heartbreak songs in the indie scene at the moment and how all of the old stuff that they love are just “super pure love songs”, as Jack described, and that’s exactly what they’ve made with ‘Dreams’.

Dreams’ takes a more techno turn with the instruments used. The guitar has been very heavily manipulated, giving it a clean pop sound. It’s amazing to see the band experimenting with technology and seeing what they can do with the opportunities that they have access to. The riff is memorable and catchy, which is just what a band like The Snuts needs, with them having a very heavy gig-goer following, and they have demonstrated their writing ability perfectly with this track. They are masters at creating memorable tunes and melodies within their music, allowing people to chant and join in. 

Crowd vocals also are used to invite the listeners to join the band, letting them into the song with a warm embrace. The lyrics may also be a nod to the fans, “Never in my wildest dreams / Would you be all mine”, a little thank you for all the support over the years and Jack acknowledging that he never thought he’d get to this stage with the band. 

The perfect pairing for ‘Gloria’, both summery anthems that express the purest form of love. However, the drums from Jordan Mackay are something we haven’t heard before, they are very raw sounding, in contrast to the more electronic-sounding instruments and muffled vocals from the rest of the band. This contrast is comforting, bringing the listener back down to Earth and reassuring them that they haven’t changed their sound too much from what we all know and love. It also subtly hints that they’re still just people in a studio, giving a nod to their roots, and making sure that it is still clear that they’ve done this by themselves. 

Can we expect more love songs from the newest album from The Snuts or are they going to surprise us all next? 

Izzi Glover
Image: ‘Dreams’ Official Single Cover

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