Sunday, August 27, 2023

Nine O’Clock Nasty Radiate Summer Warmth on ‘Bird of Happiness’

The Leicster-based three-piece are back on the scene with their new single ‘Bird of Happiness’.

Their energetic, raucous energy is - maybe momentarily - taking a backseat to a new hazy psychedelic sound. Although perhaps not what listeners would typically expect from the driving, amped-up rock band Nine O’Clock Nasty, there’s no denying that their musical artistry shines through perhaps more than ever on this release. 

‘Bird of Happiness’ sounds as if it was taken directly from an indie coming-of-age film, as it touches on the crushing impact a romantic relationship can have should it start to wilt, almost wishing it never began to bud and grow at all “everything was good babe (in my life) / but then you came along”. 

Sonically, the track sounds like a modern take on classic rock, with the likes of the Beach Boys and The Beatles immediately coming to mind. The acoustic guitars lay a solid foundation, whilst the electric guitar inflections and riffs elevate the track's texture. However, the main takeaway from ‘Bird of Happiness’ is the use of the vocal harmonies which provide a full, smooth, warming effect on the overall sound. Not only do the vocals perfectly compliment the bluesy guitars, but these pairings effortlessly gel verse, chorus, and bridge with not an ounce of rigidity in sight. 

‘Bird of Happiness’ is an obvious departure from the trio’s discography, but is a risk that has certainly paid off; it will be exciting to see whether they’ll continue to experiment in this 1970s-esque genre, or if they’ll return to their heavier roots in future releases. 

Rachel Feehan 

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: ‘Bird of Happiness’ Official Single Cover 

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