Saturday, August 26, 2023

School Disco’s New Track ‘Through Dimensions’ Is a Strong Testament to Psychedelic Punk Rock

If the band School Disco doesn’t ring a bell, combining everything that made the 80s, like strong moustaches, shaggy hair, bowl cuts, and rippling guitars will probably do the trick. 

Don’t confuse them as an 80s-style band though – School Disco are a band paving their own path in the colourful, psychedelic punk rock space, and their new track ‘Through Dimensions’ is one that has the potential to really make moves in the UK music scene.

A funky bass line carries the structure of the song, and foot-tapping drums make a strong, entrance from the get-go, hinting at some rock ‘n’ roll influences. Just before frontman Rory Lethbridge’s warbled vocals come in, a sliver of iconic punk rock-style guitar dances in the background. Echoey lyrics of intergalactic ventures and helter-skelters barely make it through, as Rory’s vocals are so distorted they almost resemble The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s ‘Time Warp’. When the instrumentals roll around, the listener is taken back to that funky, swinging, guitar and bass mashup, solidifying the song as a wonderful fusion of animated punk rock and late 70s rock ‘n’ roll.

Possibly taking inspiration from the likes of David Bowie and Deep Purple for that out-of-this-world sound, ‘Through Dimensions’ does indeed take the listener through dimensions (and eras), providing an interesting and memorable listening experience.

School Disco’s new album ‘Denton Rock’, featuring this track, is out on September 15th.


Sasha Semjonova
Image: ‘Through Dimensions’ Official Single Cover


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