Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Madison Beer enchants audiences into dreamland in new single ‘Spinnin’’

Riding on the anticipation of her upcoming sophomore album ‘Silence Between Songs’ - to be released in just under a month on September 15th - Madison Beer releases ‘Spinnin’’ An angelic showcase of Beer’s talent and growth in vocal range.

Forgoing the upbeat pop anthem style she is most well known for including the release of this albums first single ‘Home To Another One’ this year, not only does this latest single stun listeners with beautifully haunting Lana Del Rey-esque vocals but Beer continues to convey genuine and raw emotions through her songwriting that we have seen in previous releases such as ‘Selfish’ and ‘Reckless’.

The song opens with soft electric guitar and far away harmonies reminiscent of her love letter song to boyfriend Nick Austin in ‘Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You)’ and then bursts into a dreamy melody which gets louder and more dramatic - layered with drums, distorted bass and ghostly harmonies only to then mellow out and become more simple again and continuing in this cycle of crescendo to diminuendo giving the impression the song is actually spinning. 

This latest single in particular also shows off new visuals from Madison with both the song itself and the accompanying music video moving away from her colder dystopian lab coats and experiments with visuals and themes from her debut album ‘Life Support’ while staying true to herself with a more vintage and ‘Twin Peaks’ dream sequence feel to this new chapter that fans can already recognise as part of Beer's core aesthetics. 

Since the publication of her memoir ‘The Half Of It’ which takes readers on her journey in the industry both the positives and negatives, Beer has been on a theme of reflection and looking deeper into herself. Beer Self describes this latest single as “A reflection of a time when everything seemed to stand still.” As an artist who has spoken very freely about her mental health and in particular her anxiety, this song is the embodiment of being stuck in one place by anxiety as the world moves on around you. 

"Did the world stop spinnin’? / Am I frozen in time?" 

It’s safe to say this new release is not only a testimony to Beer’s diversity and talent as a vocalist but also her authenticity as a songwriter. 

Anna Jackson

Image: Madison Beer ‘Spinnin’’ Official Single Cover

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