Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Lauv Captures the Essence of a Summer in Love With New Track ‘Love U Like That’

If there’s one thing you can count on Lauv to deliver every time, it’s definitely a feel-good, romantic, club song. But not just any club song – a sunshine-infused anthem that has you wistfully dreaming of past summer flings and dancing the night away somewhere in the Med.

‘Love U Like That’ delivers on those expectations and more. This intimate tune captures the warmth of summer and how exciting and dizzying those first few months of a new relationship can be. 

We’ve all been there, and lovestruck lyrics like “Six ‘o clock in the morning babe / want you more than yesterday / Used to judge myself, now I don’t care ‘cause hey / I love you like that” envelopes you in a flurry of feelings. Pair that with a punchy beat and a nostalgic electronic backing track reminiscent of early Troye Sivan, and you’ve got an easy-listening song that washes right over you.

It’s a fresh and atmospheric shift from Lauv’s 2022 album ‘All 4 Nothing’, which explored the intensity of love through inquisitive, almost puppy-like eyes. Now, that fun, boyish energy is slowly being replaced by a growing maturing, and although the artist still doesn’t fail to capture those vivid feelings of love, we also get to see how these feelings have been shaped and felt in a more adult light.

Lauv is currently on tour - you can find tickets here.


Sasha Semjonova

Image: ‘Love U Like That’ Official Single Cover



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