Thursday, August 03, 2023

Ash Share Their Scintillating New Single

The Northern Irish band Ash have been busy this year with recording two brand-new singles. Their latest offering ‘Like A God’ is a power-packed anthem that will undoubtedly leave its global audience feeling as though they’re in a godlike state. 

The track also comes with a psychedelic music video that will surely leave the listener in a trance. This is another band that has proven to truly stand the test of time.  

The band’s sound has remained relatively the same since their debut back in the ‘90s. The band of course catapulted its way to the top with their 2001 single ‘Burn Baby Burn’. 

The track begins abruptly with all instruments entering the frame in unison. The tempo remains strong and steady throughout with little fluctuations in dynamics. The chorus epitomizes the indestructible and unbeatable raw emotions that occur from listening to lyrics such as ‘’I feel like a god’’ .

There is a raunchy and sensual guitar solo that must be heard towards the end of the record in addition to the outro. It is simply irresistible and impossible not to rewind and repeat countless times. The hard-hitting drums maintain the pulse of the piece and give license to the other instruments to embellish the single with licks, solos, and exaggerated lyrics that ultimately make the music even more compelling. 

Antony Bailey 


 Image: 'Like A God' Official Single Cover

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