Friday, August 04, 2023

Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friend Explores Hard-hitting Themes of Self-reflection In The Track ‘My Face’

From humble beginnings in the band Redmoon, Arn-identified Flying Objects Alien Friend is a solo project that launched in the summer of 2020 and since created a surge of deep dives and exploration into a variety of themes through pop meets rock anthems and this is no different with the emotive track ‘My Face’.

‘My Face’ is the final track on the latest album ‘No Sweets For E.’ It is about an individual battling between self-loathing and self-acceptance and told through melodic pop, vintage pop and symphonies.

Reminiscent of The Beatles and the ‘The Beatles For Sale’ era, Arn-identified uses a blend of stylised guitars including lightly strumming on an acoustic guitar alongside distinct guitar picking in a lower tone to create a subtle contrast to represent the two dissimilar themes. This is continued by the added orchestral elements subtly in the background adding further texture to ‘My Face’.

The instrumentals create an optimistic and uplifting feeling, that ‘My Face’ is a happy track. However  Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friend has lured the listeners into a false sense of security. His lyricism takes on a darker meaning and shatters this illusion instantly, shown through the lyrics “This is my face, there’s nothing I can do about it”. What he so cleverly does here is create an internal battle of self-loathing and self-acceptance. This back and forth is consistent throughout ‘My Face’ and it is this juxtaposition that heightens both the lyrical content and instrumentals and takes its listeners on a deeply emotional and relatable journey. 

Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friend shows off his musical talent throughout ‘My Face’ by using a variety of elements to create what appears to be a simple track, but by paying attention to lyrical contents and tuning into his performance it becomes a highly complex, emotive track that many listeners will relate to. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘No Sweets For E.’ Official Album Cover

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