Friday, July 28, 2023

Wildhorse’s new single musically represents the complex discoveries that lie in uncertain relationships

East Sussex-based band Wildhorse have created some of the most funky, modern and exciting tracks in the music industry of today. Having been a featured band for BBCs introducing and mainstream shows alongside on the radio itself, this band are making a splash in the world of music even at the very beginning of their career.

The trio have travelled on a tour of the nation that included the Great Escape Festival in May of this year, and whispers of another tour in this year are making their way through their fans too. It is an incredibly exciting time for this band, and the hard work behind their genius shines through with each song. 

Their song ‘Do You Wanna Talk’ brings with it a great sense of imagination and inventiveness. The band plays around with chords right from the start to create this immersive sense of funk in the rhythm. With an assured sense of passion, the guitar’s sound strums individual chords underneath the vocals in order to encourage listeners to develop this intimate relationship with the song initially; having simply the guitar and the lyrics together enables listeners to home in on the lyrics from the beginning. Subsequently, the storyline of the song as it describes the difficulties and confusion that comes with on-off relationships. 

Interestingly, the lyrics often adopt a contradictory nature, mimicking this idea of uncertainty in some relationships. The line “I don’t wanna see you no more/ Stay by my side” is a perfect example of this conflict- an internal conflict made outward through song. It allows listeners to not feel alone in navigating the tricky world of relationships, especially in a society rooted in competitiveness and impossible standards. 

The descending guitar chords within the melody of the track represent this downward spiral into complexity, whilst reminding fans of the sounds of The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys, both acting as influences on Wildhorse. It really is a unique, fun and popular single that will undoubtedly leave a mark of solidarity on their listeners. 

 Abby Price 


Image: Wildhorse ‘Do You Wanna Talk’ Official Single Cover 

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