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Greta Van Fleet Prove To Be The Modern Day Led Zeppelin On New Album ‘Starcatcher’

To the untrained ear, ‘Starcatcher’ is the latest release from rock gods Led Zeppelin. Only this isn’t 1973, and to many people’s dismay, the living members of Led Zeppelin have not miraculously reunited for a secret new release. ‘Starcatcher’ is in fact the work of the band making classic rock cool again, Greta Van Fleet.

‘Starcatcher’ is the modern-day reincarnation of classic rock. Greta Van Fleet have created an album that feels nostalgic of a time in which Jimmy Page was the hero of every teenager and parents thought rock music was the work of the Devil. A time when the genre was constantly changing and developing, producing some of the most influential artists of all time: the 1970s. Considering not one member of the band was alive to experience this time period of music history, ‘Starcatcher’ pays a respectful homage to the musical greatness of the 70s.

The ethereal feeling of the album is encapsulated within the first lines of the album in the song ‘Fate Of The Fateful’ "Hail, the God song / All trill to the tune, devout reprise". The entirety of ‘Starcatcher’ explores the contrast between light and dark, and fantasy and reality. Recorded in Nashville by iconic producer Dave Cobb, Greta Van Fleet have produced their most momentous work to date. The confidence the entirety of the band emanates is reflected in the sound of the album.

The album continues with the songs ‘Waited All Your Life’ and ‘The Falling Sky’, throughout which the listener can clearly hear the contrast of light versus dark that the band were aiming for. The use of menacing guitar riffs and a heaving drumming pattern contrasts with acoustic guitars and vocals in a more uplifting key. This contrast works throughout the album to better explore the occult themes within ‘Starcatcher’.

‘Sacred the Thread’ and ‘The Indigo Streak’ both heavily rely on blues-style riffs which is a nod to one of guitarist Jake Kiszka’s main influences, Eric Clapton. The style can also be heard in ‘Frozen Light’ and ‘The Archer’, only this time paired with hypnotic harmonies and intricate bass lines which gives the bluesy riffs a completely new feel.

‘Runway Blues’ is one of the hidden gems of the album. Coming in at only 1 minute and 17 seconds long, it works as the perfect interlude which only raises the question, why are some artists’ best songs always the shortest? ‘Runway Blues’ could be described as sounding like the imaginary love child of AC/DC and Robert Plant.  

‘Farewell For Now’ is the perfect ending to ‘Starcatcher’. The song has a classic American prog rock sound with the lyrics of And I wish we all could stay / But I bid you a farewell” which feels as if the band is thanking listeners for sharing their time and attention with them.

‘Starcatcher’ is the fourth album from the rock quartet released on the 21st of July, mere days before they embark on an extensive worldwide tour.

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Image: ‘Starcatcher’ Official Album cover

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