Saturday, July 01, 2023

Palace release thoughtful new track ‘How Far We’ve Come’ ahead of upcoming EP ‘When Everything Was Lost’

The British alternative rock and blues band from London, Palace, have released a new title track ‘How Far We’ve Come’ ahead of their forthcoming EP.

The new single follows ‘All We’ve Ever Wanted’ about dreams, desires and longing. ‘How Far We’ve Come’ is the second track on the new EP and carries an aura of chaos and fear for the future through haunting vocal harmonies and slide guitar to create a shoegaze sound.

The slow guitar intro and melodic atmospheric background noise echoes their albums of the past but their thoughtful lyricism takes a different approach, into one of anticipation of the future and the anxieties that carries.

A bittersweet beauty, this new EP is set to be, with their hypnotic soundscape leaving you spellbound and full of nostalgia. This indie pop sensation is back with more introspective melodies that will leave you feeling both troubled yet, cheerful and optimistic.

The new single follows their first new music since their popular album ‘Shoals’ back in 2022. ‘Shoals’ was a deeply philosophic album that explored themes of existentialism, the subconscious and dreams, against a wider backdrop of vastness through melodic sonic landscapes and layered vocal harmonies.

Not only is this title track a beautifully sounding song but the lyricism is also deep and well written "And how much we've grown so slow / And I know, I know that we will turn to dust" - invokes a sense of sense of raw honesty that enhances their popularity and undeniable value within the todays' music scene - a true masterpiece in the making.

Palace will be performing the new single at Splendour In The Grass on July 21, 2023 and are embarking on their biggest North American tour to date.

Ciara Fearn
Image: 'How Far We've Come' Official Single Cover

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