Friday, June 30, 2023

Trouble Bunny Returns With The Poignant 'M.D.L.'

Hailing from Richmond, VA, the solo artist Trouble Bunny (previously of the outfits Captain Scrunchie and Pressed Orchid) is making waves with her brand new cut 'M.D.L.'. 

Recorded in her bedroom and mixed and mastered by Texas-based Yalcy Mailliw, 'M.D.L.' is a thrilling and infectious peak into what the artist has to offer.

Trouble Bunny makes a captivating debut and dives into idyllic soft pop that sits in the same sonic vein as the likes of Coco and Clair Clair and Charlie XCX.

The track title 'M.D.L.' an acronym for '(felt cute) might delete later' pays attention to the rise in body dysmorphia and waning confidence with social media. The track features the poignant narrative focussing on the unspoken thought process associated with a 'thirst trap'. The short number, coming in at just under two minutes, is jam-packed with quirky alt-pop energy and electronica that demands to be heard.

Talking on the track, the artist notes; "This one is for all my babygirls with body dysmorphia. I see your selfies ladies and they make me smile."

Soft spoken-word vocals find themselves drenched in self-reflection and calls out to anyone struggling with self-image and the overwhelming call of establishing an online presence.

Teetering on lo-fi, this introspective pop-gem is an impressive debut from American artist. Quirky, delicate and wholly captivating, Trouble Bunny has all of the prowess of an artist with a plethora of experience in the industry.

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