Tuesday, July 11, 2023

‘I Took A Photo,’ The Bittersweet Ballad By Atari Pilot

Artari Pilot is not your typical indie rock band. Forming in Swindon, the band create anthemic music that blends together classic rock and modern indie in order to explore the human experience through solicitous songs and blaring rhythms; all while exploring hard-hitting themes of identity and human relationships. 

Their latest single ‘I Took A Photo’ immediately springs to life, combining an energetic drum beat with electronic guitars and synths that seamlessly blend together concocting a sense of excitement that captivates listeners, building up in tempo and rhythm.

The result? An enthralling melody that is instantly captivating.

On the surface ‘I Took A Photo’ appears to be a light-hearted and feel-good track. However, Atari Pilot subtly uses juxtaposition through the extremity of the instrumentals and the heartfelt lyricism to toy with the thoughts and feelings of the listener, making listeners feel torn and for an interesting exploration of the true meaning behind the track. 

‘I Took A Photo’ goes into great detail about the complexity of a relationship between two nameless individuals on the brink of their relationship ending and searching for any reason to hold on and work things out. This juxtaposition creates a whirlwind of confusion within the listener, on one hand wanting to dance along to the catchy instrumentals but on the other contemplating hard-hitting lyrics such as “There’s some people we can’t do without” and embracing the bittersweet feelings.  

Atari Pilot has the ability to explore condemnatory themes of love and loss, seamlessly blending together melancholy and feel-good through irresistible hooks and incredible songwriting. ‘I Took A Photo’ is no exception and shows their talent for blending elements of classic rock with modern elements of indie to evoke a mix of emotions within their listeners and sets them apart from other artists on the scene. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘I Took A Photo’ Offical Single Cover

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