Sunday, July 30, 2023

Harry Styles Invites Fun Into ‘Harry’s House’ With New Music Video For ‘Daylight’

By now, we’re all already accustomed to the fact that Harry Styles is one of the pioneers of our twenty-first-century celebrity pop culture: a founding father for hardcore ‘stans’ to find comfort and community within. 

What makes Styles so unique to other popular stars, however, is his ability to continue dominating the charts and meeting fans’ demands for extravagancebe it in live shows, his acting career, or even in the merch he sells. What’s more, the new music video for his single ‘Daylight’ is no exception. 

With 4.5 million views on the first day of being released, Styles remains one of the most successful solo artists to have ever broken away from a boy band and pursued their own independent stardom. 

Sitting comfortably at the just-under three-minute mark, ‘Daylight’ is a fun, whimsical little experience, paired with an almost nostalgic, innocent naivety of one’s childhood. As the music video begins, we’re introduced to a wild, dreamlike scene: Styles climbing down a ladder from the sky, and into a circus. Surrounded by eccentric, mesmerising circus-goers, he nonchalantly wanders through the scene, from narrowly avoiding a knife-throw act, to mimicking a clown, to even trying his own luck at juggling. 

One fan, in the comment section to the music video, wrote that ‘this mv feels so personal. It’s like he’s singing directly at us and he’s doing a million little things that would look weird to others but that we understand and appreciate. Thank you for everything Harry, we’re gonna miss you too.’ Even with little to no promotion for the music video prior to its release, it's no wonder ‘Daylight’ has reached so many views already, as the song becomes a testament to the ever-present dedication fans of Styles continue to uphold. 

As the track transitions into its chorus, Styles becomes the star of his own show, as he shoots out of a cannon and flies around the scene, donning a glittery, bright yellow outfit. A reflection of his multitalented, charming persona in real life, he continues to effortlessly move through the circus, singing along as he goes. Despite the grey skies behind, Styles knows that he is the main event, and he brightens up the otherwise cloudy scene. 

From lifting heavy weights to running through the hall of mirrors to riding a horse, the music video is a constant stream of whimsical and random fun. As the end of the song creeps up on us, fans watch Styles dramatically fall off his tightrope, perhaps signalling the end of the much-loved ‘Harry’s House’ and its respective ‘Love on Tour’ live shows eras. However, as one era, or one circus show in the case of the ‘Daylight’ music video, comes to an end, another is bound to begin. This leaves us with the exciting question: where will Styles take us next? 


Sophia Di Maida


Image: ‘Harry’s House’ Official Album Cover


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