Sunday, July 30, 2023

9 o'clock Nasty release surreal single 'Savage Mechanic'

9 o'clock Nasty are a trio from Leicester, UK. Inspired by the Beastie Boys, their relentless tenacity combined with driving beats and mild sarcasm create the perfect storm in their new track 'Savage Mechanic'.

The unorthodox beginning of this cut catches anyone’s attention immediately and when the Proto-punk sets in, that’s when the distinct bass line jumps to attention.

This new track has an initial soundscape that transports you back to the 70's, with its experimental style rock and compelling drum beats, reminiscent of bands like The Doors. The track appears to be an exploration into the past with a twist of modernism as they divulge through their lyrics individuals who seem to be compulsive liars, extensively elaborating their stories and the dubious nature they convey. 

These people that they address throughout the song are compulsive liars that the band refer to as savage mechanics. “Savage Mechanics / Get your coats / Take me by my sweaty hand and lead me.” Going on to elaborate further with “I was the lone fat prophet / I made the cake that won the show.”

The hauntingly beautiful instrumental later in the song is epic. When it’s combined with the repetitive lines of “I was there” it creates a strange sense of 70's style psychedelic and garage rock. 

'Savage Mechanic' will be released on all streaming channels and YouTube on Sunday 30th July 2023. 

Ciara Fearn

Image: 'Savage Mechanic' Official Single Cover

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