Saturday, July 08, 2023

Grian Chatten (Fontaines D.C.) releases soft new track 'All Of The People'

Vocalist of Dublin’s critically-acclaimed Fontaines D.C., Grian Chatten has released a thoughtfully poetic new single titled ‘All Of The People’. He has just recently released ‘Chaos For The Fly’ - his debut solo album.

Co-produced by the band’s long-time producer Dan Carey, the album offers a poetic soundscape that brings his lucid tales to life. This track is full of life’s richest emotions and questionable faith in humanity. 

The track has been released with a music video, directed by Sam Taylor, taking inspiration from Lars Von Trier, George Orwell and Billy Wilder. This track carries an undertone of loneliness through its haunting melody and explores the concept of human connection through its lyrics “Just happy, free and friendless”.

“You think I’m about ye / Well I’m not / The centre of my world / Is a hotspot”. These lyrics capture a sense of exploration of the self and everyone else, a sort of out of body experience and perspective.

This new single immediately strips back everything to leave a raw, heartfelt ballad that looks at the dark side of the music industry. Through his exquisite production and soft, sweet harmonies, the track compliments a wonderfully poetic album. 

Chatten is playing instore in BristolBrighton and London during the coming days.

Ciara Fearn 

Image: 'All Of The People' Official Single Cover

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