Saturday, July 08, 2023

bdrmm release their blissful second album ‘I Don’t Know’

Shoegaze indie music pioneers bdrmm release their highly anticipated second album ‘I Don’t Know’ which is full of bouncy guitars and soothing vocals the hull band are well known for. Their gripping hazy sound thrives on this record as they continue to break new ground in the soft rock world.  

Their opening track ‘Alps’ starts the album with bubbling and glistening synths leading in to soft drumming in the background with vocals slowly dispersing through the listeners ears creating an eery yet beautiful atmosphere to open the record. In some parts of the song, it feels like there is some techno inspiration as the rhythm changes constantly before entering into a substantial piece of music in the last minute of the track. All the instruments and their rhythms progress and piece together perfectly in the final minute leaving the listener wanting more. 

‘Be Careful’ is the second record on the album which features those classic bdrmm hazy vocals and catchy guitar riffs which progress slowly throughout before blending into a guitar, bass and drum-heavy intro to the track ‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’ where the eery atmosphere continues. The pungent chorus has your head bopping throughout which a slick indie euphoria surrounding it. This track is one of the highlights on the record as its slightly different to the usual calm and soothing records bdrmm create, yet they have managed to perfect their post-punk/soft rock sound also proving the bands musical talents and willingness to break boundaries with their sound. 

Another remarkable track from this record is ‘Advertisement One’ with its piano baseline and birds singing in the background, making you feel like you’re lost in a windy wood somewhere. You can tell this track will be epic live as you can hear every note of every instrument through your headphones, never mind when they are playing this in a setting made for impressive sounds like bdrmm create.  

The story of this album continues to another indie gem ‘Hidden Cinema’. The drums, guitars, and vocals all having their own flow gives the track a jazz feel to it as it advances into an electronic-sounding chorus where all instruments collide beautifully which bdrmm have mastered perfectly.  

This album takes you on a journey of different moods and atmospheres through their musical exquisiteness which makes this record so special and distinctive of that bdrmm sound.  

Alice Mason

@alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs

Image: ‘I Don’t Know’ Official Album Cover

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