Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Soda Cracker Jesus Release the Thrilling 'Space Boy'

Hailing from America, Regan Lane was no stranger to the music scene before deciding to embark on his latest venture. Having previously been a member of the Tacoma-based Baby Knockors, Strangely Alright and creating a number of records with Strypes, Lane's experience in the industry has climaxed with the thrilling Soda Cracker Jesus.

His genius brain-child solo project, Soda Cracker Jesus, has been consistently releasing enthralling tracks that demand to be heard. Finding their genre in a mash-up of punked-out Kinks, Beatles psychedelia, and Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, Soda Cracker Jesus stun with their explorative and experimental cuts. Following on from last year's 'Hoping For The Best', their latest venture honest and raw musicianship culminates in 'Space Boy'. 

Taking his main influences from Sonic Youth, Gorillaz, and Brit-pop staples Blur'Space Boy' boasts whirling electronica, thudding bass lines, and infectious vocalisations. The layered track showcases his prowess as a musician through energetic segments and passion-infused lyrics. Almost spoken word, the nonsensical lyrics hark back to Blur's earlier numbers (think 'Song 2') with, "I hit the gas and I jumped the curb // the tyre blew up and the car became a bird".

Completely self-produced, 'Space boy' is an impressive culmination of his years in the music industry, and has already garnered thousands of streams on Spotify, this latest release is evidently one of their most exciting to date.

Lana Williams


Image: ‘Space Boy' Official Single Cover

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