Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A love song for long distance friends - ‘More Than I Care To Admit’ by Anyone’s Ghost

Forgoing their usual ghostly and distorted electric guitar in favour of a soft piano melody, Anyone’s Ghost releases the first single ‘More Than I Care To Admit’ from their upcoming and highly anticipated debut album ‘Necromancer’.

Taking listeners on a journey of saying goodbye to and reminiscing on memories of someone you love as they move away in this ballad dedicated to a long-distance friend. 

Despite the change in sound, the gothic songwriter also known as Wanda Roslyn carries their distinct style of storytelling, and paints a picture into the mind of the listener with this new single. While their usual sound feels like a ghost story being told on a windy night, ‘More Than I Care To Admit’ feels like a lost love song now only sung as a lullaby. With soft waves in the background and Wanda’s soft and misty vocals, listeners are transported onto the beach depicted in the single cover and are able to feel the grief and longing they feel for this person. 

With a voice full of character, this new track reveals a vulnerability that listeners had not seen before. With a softer tone akin to Phoebe Bridgers making this track beautifully sad, it only adds to the strong ambience, and evokes the lonely heartbreak that comes with saying goodbye. Even with the devastating backstory to the song, it still feels like a refreshing look into the trajectory of Anyone’s Ghost and the upcoming album. In the same way that Bon Iver’s music feels like cold sunshine and dewy grass after a rainy day in April, Anyone’s Ghost creates a sense of happiness and nostalgia in this track, with lyrics reminiscing on the good times before this person left, as well as the regret of all the things unsaid and undone.

More Than I Care To Admit’ is a beautiful showcase of Anyone’s Ghost’s ability to transfix their listeners and provide an escape, daydreaming of the story the song tells. 

Anna Jackson

Image: “More Than I Care To Admit’ Official Single Cover

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