Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Maisie Peters beautifully explores the hurt that follows a break up, and the regret that can ensue

Rising to stardom in recent years, Maisie Peters has just dropped her new track and fans could not be more excited.

The 23-year-old singer has previously released two singles independently before signing with Atlantic Records, creating more music that her fans adore.

This new track takes sensationalism to a new level. The song ‘Two weeks ago’ has been teased on TikTok by the star, with one video caption claiming it to be her “saddest song”, and left listeners entirely on the hook for its final release on 26th May this year. 

It begins with melancholic piano chords with the musician singing over the top, matching this sorrowful tone. The abrupt nature of its opening implies a great sense of passion within the song and a sense of haste floods the music immediately. It seems as though this pining for a lost love happens as soon as the break up does, or perhaps the regret hits suddenly but intensely.

Lyrically, we hear a repetition of “I wish” right from the first verse, bleeding into the chorus all the way through to the very final line. By doing such, Peters demonstrates this sense of angst and regret that can be felt up to forever after experiencing such heartache.

The idea of mourning a relationship is one that is explored so well here; the musicality itself builds as the grief does thus creating a sense of structure- as the song goes on, so does time. And as time goes on, this regret increases and the feeling of sadness builds. It really is a beautiful construction of the difficulties faced after an initial breakup, acknowledging the lasting effect that losing someone, or even the idea of someone, can have on a person. 

The artist has a very gentle voice in this song, conveying the emotional nature of it vocally and beautifully. Its slow tempo remains throughout the song and, when alongside her softer voice, listeners can hear a sense of loss that the track possesses and expresses. 

All in all, Maisie Peters really is the epitome of greatness in today’s music industry. 

Abby Price


Image: ‘Two Weeks Ago’ Offical Single Cover

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