Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Genre Defying and Simply Awesome: Oddysseys Release Single and Music Video For the Track Music Video’

Chicago-based duo  Oddysseys are back at it again with the release of their brand-new single, alongside a music video, ‘Music Video’. 

Led by Christian Treon and Paul DiRico, Oddysseys have always operated under a DIY ethos and work ethic, establishing themselves within the underground music scene organically. The result? Making a memorable impression in basements, warehouses, and legendary music venues across the US and Canada. Known for their dynamic live performances, Oddysseys take their audience on a journey, offering a sonically diverse discography that perfectly caters to moshers, dancers and those who stand with their arms crossed. 

‘Music Video’ opens with an explosion of sound and fast tempo. It blends together heavily, distorted guitars and a powerful, booming drum beat and hit of a symbol at key moments. An instant crowd pleaser, ‘Music Video’ sees Oddysseys merge together different genres, creating a sound that oozes with post-punk energy and the deep weighted guitar of 70’s metal. Think Black Sabbath meets Arctic Monkeys ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ era with an American DIY  twang. 

The vocals are in a sprechgesang-style, a talk-like singing that gives the track a lo-fi and DIY edge to it. This style of singing really hones in on the punk influence, and is familiar with the stylings of both the Chats and a hint of Sex Pistols.

Oddysseys further show off their creative flare in the official music video, opening with a skit that showcases their sense of humour and knack for storytelling. Acting as both themselves and an over-the-top music tycoon and a pretentious director. ‘Music Video’ pokes fun at those who only wish to make music for the money, seeing the duo reshape themselves to fit the mold of the music label instead of being their authentic selves and making music they want to make. 

‘Music Video’ is an interesting track that dabbles in and out of different styles and showcases Oddysseys at their best. Fast and handcrafted, this latest release is a must for those who have an inner punk. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Music Video’ Offical Single Cover 

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