Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Dutch Band Rhein Release Eletrocrifying Debut Single ‘Open Dak’

Rhein have burst onto the scene with their debut single, ‘Open Dak’ a soon-to-be electronic rock anthem. 

Rhein are a Dutch-based trio and has been described by the band to be the musical alter-ego of Reiner van den Haag. After focusing on his career as a psychologist,  van den Haak has started to combine his job with his musical passion. The result? A neo-Freudian quest where audiences are encouraged to have more feeling than reason.


‘Open Dak’ is an electronic rock track with hints of indie. Opening with a jangled guitar with a subtle reverb alongside a smooth synth and creates a juxtaposition of sound, acting in parallel to each other but complementing each other. 

As the track progresses a distinct synth picks up and creates a dream-like feel - a cloudy and wavy effect that is endearing to listen to. 

The vocals within ‘Open Dak’ are rich in tone, very low and have a level of effortlessness to them. The lyrics themselves are in Dutch and there is a repetition within the lyrics which contributes to the dream-like effect Rhein aims to create.

In the middle of the song an electric guitar kicks in, its jangly shreds will capture anyone’s attention and work together with a booming drum beat, perfectly honing in on its rock elements. 

Rhein has created the perfect blend of electronic rock by keeping it simple. As far as debut singles go, ‘Open Dak’ is an intriguing starting point for the Dutch trio, creating the perfect dream-like soundscape. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Open Dak’ Official Single Cover

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