Sunday, March 12, 2023

Shambolics release a groovy new track that perfectly highlights the importance of knowing your own self worth

Creating a fusion of alternative and folk music, Shambolics have recently added to their collection of tracks by releasing ‘Take it or Leave it’.

The band, who are based in Glasgow, released the single earlier this month in order to look forward to their upcoming EP and UK tour; an event that fans are eager to enjoy.

As a record itself, it embodies everything that may be expected from a classic Shambolics’ track, but in such a fashion that enhances the chokehold their music so often has on listeners, and the power in the musicality and lyricism is wonderfully explosive.

The track is incredibly dynamic and shifts its tempo throughout the song, allowing our engagement to skyrocket as we listen to the melody. It opens with a sense of groundedness and a constant beat until quickly transforming into a different melody almost entirely; we stay alert and appreciate the lively nature of the track immediately. The vocals come in with the lyrics “Tell me how you’re feeling” with power and great strength, thus encouraging this sense of becoming self-assured and empowering oneself. The chorus repeats this great energy and force in its lyrics “Take it or Leave it/ Cause you ain’t gonna waste my time” and accompanies these with a steady and confident guitar riff that stands out as sharper than in the rest of the song.

With Darren Forbes (vocalist)  speaking previously about the intent behind the lyrics as one voice making an effort towards another that lacks any reciprocation of this, it is clear that the passion in the music is almost personal. We begin to think as listeners about our own lives, how we present our feelings and emotions, and, in the same way, how these are received by other people we hold dear. The song, therefore, allows us a space in which we can identify our own flaws and attributes, and understand the need for bluntness in unequal relationships. 

Overall, the band has created a musical masterpiece. With a groovy, upbeat sound combining itself with purposeful lyrics that offer a comforting shoulder for listeners, it is evident that the musicians truly have a special talent. 

Abby Price


Image: Shambolics ‘Take it or Leave it’ Official Single Cover


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