Saturday, March 11, 2023

DMA’S Throw Dance-Infused Curveball On ‘Something We Are Overcoming’

Moving into the release month of fourth album ‘How Many Dreams?’, DMA’S ramp up the excitement with its latest single, ‘Something We Are Overcoming’.  

While the preceding singles have either explored the indie-rave fusion of their latest records or returned to the anthemic Britpop sound of their early years, ‘Something We Are Overcoming’ turns the dial all the way around to dance. 

Despite taking on a sound more befitting of a 1990s/2000s UK chart act than the Australian indie stars they’ve become, DMA’S sound at home on this track and produce yet another nostalgic tune to lead us up to the full release of their record. 

Fans of the Sydney trio’s cover of pop powerhouse Cher’s iconic ‘Believe’ will most certainly be a fan of this cut. If DMA’S made ‘Believe’ into their own indie singalong, ‘Something We Are Overcoming’ is their crack at a tune in Cher’s sound arena – with its filtered vocals from Tommy O’Dell, euphoric synth melodies and verses which serve as build-ups to a massive chorus drop, it’s clear to see where DMA’S sought inspiration for this track. 

The track’s lyrics are repetitive, stream-of-consciousness, bitty – but this is by no means a drawback. The almost half-finished feeling of them allows the listener to focus on the soundscape DMA’S have painted here, dripping in nostalgia and joyously bittersweet. Any vibe that can be generally picked up from these words also continues this feeling, as O’Dell sings “Oh, and it’s gone yeah / Cause we are, we are we know / Don’t ever take it slow” – here is an implicit call to enjoy each moment as it comes, knowing it’ll soon just be a memory to look back fondly upon. 

As the Aussie boys flick through photos from the ‘Hill’s End’ era and play football – indeed, this track sounds like it could be soundtracking a highlights package from the 2006 World Cup – in the accompanying music video, it is clear to see that the thread tying this album and its varied singles together is the feeling of nostalgia. While DMA’S have been looking back the way in creating their art, this only has had the effect of making us listeners look forward to the release of ‘How Many Dreams?’ – simultaneously drenched in sentiment for the past while exploring a new soundscape for the trio, ‘Something We Are Overcoming’ is the finest offering yet from the record. 


David Harrold 


Image: ‘Something We Are Overcoming’ Official Single Cover

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